How Do I Register?

Registration can be done online or on Registration Day with payment made on the day.


Registration is OPEN! Click the button to secure your spot at our 52nd Grand Slam Tournament!

Entry Fee

Adult anglers: EC$675 / US$250


Junior anglers (16 and under): EC$405 / US$150


Non-anglers: EC$390 / US$145 (entitled to breakfast, lay-day activities and awards dinner, but not eligible for fishing, includes captains & deck hands)


Wristbands will be provided to all entrants and must be worn at all time for access to RBSIBT functions including breakfast, lay-day activities and the awards dinner.

Requirements for Entry

Team Configuration

A minimum of three registered anglers are needed to form a team.


All boats are required to have a working ship to shore (VHF) radio on board and turned on at all times, and must check in with Billfish Control daily.

Catch Evidence

Each participating boat must have a digital camera with a removable memory card on board for capturing photos or videos of releases. 

Your camera should have a minimum resolution of 3.2 megapixels, with higher definitions preferable to produce clearer images. 

All cameras and video cameras must have removable memory cards or USB cables to transfer files to the SIBT laptop. Memory cards should be cleared of images at the start of the tournament.