Event Schedule

We have our dates for 2022! Please note these dates are subject to the current COVID-19 Pandemic and we will keep everyone updated via our social media!


Alternatively, click the button below to contact the committee for any further information!

The Spice Island Billfish Tournament is staged at the Grenada Yacht Club and runs for 5 days, comprised of fishing, recreational activities and ending with our awards ceremony and dinner.


A sit-down or takeaway breakfast is available to all registered participants every fishing morning from 5am at the Yacht Club!

Registration Day

Registration usually runs from 10am to 4pm followed by the Skipper’s Briefing. 


Boats who have already registered online confirm and pay the registration fees and meet and greet with all other participating boats


Day 1 starts with the parade of participating boats around the Carenage, where they stop at the starting line outside St. George’s. Then off goes the canon to signify the start of the tournament! The start of the fishing usually begins at about 7.30am with lines back up between 4-5pm.

Day 2 follows with a day of pure fishing, lines down at 7.00am and up at 4.30pm.

Day 3 is lay day for all participants; a day of rest and fun for the whole tournament community. A variety of food is made available for all registered individuals with wristbands!

Day 4 ends the tournament with the last day of fishing, prize giving and awards dinner. 


Then we say goodbye and patiently wait for the next year!