Boat Pool

Boats can take part in the optional boat pool costing EC$270 / US$100 per boat (payable at registration).

The pool will consist of the collective weight of all species (excluding fish under the minimum weight requirements) accepted by the weigh station.

First place will be awarded 40%, second place 30%, third place 20% and fourth place 10%.

100% Billfish Pot

Boats can take part in the optional 100% Billfish Pot costing EC$270 / US$100 per boat. The Pot will be split three ways. 40% going to the boat that releases the most Blue Marlin during the three days of fishing; 30% going to the boat that releases the most White Marlin during the three days of fishing; and 30% going to the boat that releases the most Sailfish during the three days of fishing.

Last Day Shoot Out

There will be an optional release points competition on the last day of fishing 30th January. The entry fee is EC$270 / US$100. The boat with the most billfish release points wins the entry pot, minus 15% in aid of The Billfish Foundation.